Cloud Recording


For best results, TWIT recommends recording locally - "Record on this Computer"



All account holders can record to the cloud, and share recording links



Cloud recordings will be stored by Zoom for 6 months at which point the recording will be removed and not retrievable by Zoom or TWU.

Of course you can download a recording before that time and keep it indefinitely on your local storage OR upload to MS STREAM.


Download Recordings


  1. Sign in to your TWU Zoom account on your web browser by going to and entering your TWU Email and Password when prompted. More details here.

  2. Select the Recordings tab on the left. Under the Cloud Recordings tab at the top you will have a list of the recordings you have made to the cloud. Select More with the drop down arrow on the right beside the recording you would like to download.

  3. Select Download (X files). Number of files (X) may vary depending on the nature of the recording. This will begin downloading the recording to your computer. You can locate recording in your downloads folder in your Documents (PC) or Finder (Mac) by default



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