Using AQ Employee Management to Create Accounts for a New ADP Hire

We have just hired a new employee and have added their record into ADP. Now, how do we create an email account for them? Also, a Windows Active Directory account? A TWUPass account? Simple. Just follow these steps.


  • You must have permissions to access Aqueduct.
  • You must belong to the clover_adp_users group.
  • You must have a mapped network drive pointing to //
  • Please contact IT if you do not have or are unsure about these pre-requisites.


Step 1. Run the ADP report called "Hire Process Export"

Run the report.

Log in to the ADP Adminsitrator page > click on "Report" > "Custom Reports" > "Hire Process Export".


Find the latest instance of the report, and save it as XLSX.  In the file name, append the date and time.

Example file name: Hire Process Export_10-22-2020-0217.xlsx.


Wait for the file to finish downloading.

When it's finished, you should see it in your browser's Downloads window.


Step 2. Drop the export file into the CloverETL folder

Let's say you have saved the file to your desktop.

Find it on your desktop. Rename the file with the following naming convention: Hire Process Export_month-date-year-time


Open Windows Explorer and browse to the Network > cloveretl > ADP > Prod > Import folder.

You must have the Pre-requisites above, otherwise this will not work.


Copy the saved file into the cloveretl folder.

Putting the file into this location will kick off a robot process to import ADP new hires into Aqueduct. If you wait a minute and refresh Windows Explorer, you will see that the file has "disappeared". It has been picked up by the robot and moved into the Working folder, where it's busy working on it. But if the file is still there after 5 minutes, then the robot brain is broken, so please contact IT.


Wait for the notification email to arrive in your mailbox.

If there are no problems, the robot will send you a notification email after it's done. This email should reach you within 5 minutes. It will tell you whether the import was successful or not. If the email doesn't arrive within 5 minutes, then something is horribly wrong and the world is about to explode and you better contact IT. No just kidding :p but do contact IT.



Step 3. Go to Aqueduct's Employee Management page

Go to the Employee Management page.

This is the page where you will actually create accounts for the new hire.


Find the new hire.

Enter the new person's Associate ID in the search box and click Search. You can also use First and Last Name, or Aqueduct Id, available under the "Search by" drop-down. If you cannot find the person, check the ID and/or Name, and try again.


Match the person or create a new person.

Click "Match" under the Actions column. It will bring you to the Matching page where you can do one of 2 things: select an existing Aqueduct Person to match, or create a new person if no matches are found. Click "Select" under the Actions column to match the new hire with an existing AQ Person. Or click "Create New Matching AQ Person" to create a brand new AQ Person.


Click on "Create Accounts" for the newly matched person.

This will start a process to do 3 things:

  1. Create a Windows Active Directory account, for access to systems on the TWU network
  2. Create a TWUPASS account, for access to Aqueduct and other systems on the TWU network
  3. Create a email account

The process typically takes 30 minutes to complete, and the accounts should be ready to be used in a couple of hours, including the email.


That's it! You're done!

That wasn't that bad, was it? The most common errors that we run into are listed in the Appendix A below. If you get stuck, please refer to this list, and you should be OK. But if you are still stuck after following these requirements, then please hesitate to contact IT OK?


Appendix A: Validation rules and other requirements

To create accounts for someone, the following data conditions must be met:

  • cannot have an existing email
  • must have a first name
  • must have a last name
  • must have a job title
  • must have a department
  • must have a business unit
  • must have a manager
  • cannot have existing Active Directory account record
  • must be able to generate a valid account name for one of (in order of priority) PreferredName.LastName, Firstname.Lastname, P.Lastname, or F.Lastname. Valid account names must:
    • have max 20 characters
    • have exactly one "."
    • contain only letters and one internal hyphen
    • match their existing TWUPASS (if they have one) OR the TWUPASS can't be used by someone else
    • not be used by someone else in Aqueduct or Active Directory


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