Installing Kaseya Remote Access - For PC only

*This is only available for people who require the use of their on campus desktop due to the special software requirements or specific network shares that are exclusively available from a TWU-issued machine and the TWU_Staff network. For basic work functions such as email, internet access, etc, please do not use this service.

To access your work desktop computer from a personal machine using Kaseya, please do the following:
1. Submit a ticket to IT ( giving us your name and the computer name of the machine you need to access if you know what that is.

2. We will respond with a username and password if this is the best option for you.

3. On Windows machines, only use Internet Explorer as this seems to work the best.

4. Open Internet Explorer and go to

5. Sign in with the username (case sensitive and typically all lowercase) and password provided from Step 2.  Leave the Domain field blank.

6. On 1st sign in you will be told to download the Kaseya LiveConnect plugin.  Do this and then run the installer from your downloads folder.  After the installer completes, wait about 2 minutes before continuing.

7. Close Internet Explorer and then reopen it and go back to the address from step 4 and sign in.

8. You should now see a window with some options on the left including one called “Remote Control”.  Click on that option.

9. The first time you do this you will see a small box that looks like this: 
10. Click on the “Download the latest version” link … if you miss it, just click on “Remote Control” again.

11. This will give you an option to download and install the Kaseya Remote Control tool.  Go ahead and run that file and follow the installation instructions.

12. Once that is complete, go back to Internet Explorer and click on “Remote Control” and it should launch a window that opens up a connection to your desktop computer at work.  If your computer is locked, click the icon in the top left of the control window to issue a “ctrl-alt-del" command to log in.

Note: If the window does not appear, you may have Pop-up Blocker enabled on Internet Explorer. Select the Options Cog in the top right corner and select Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab and uncheck the box beside "Turn on Pop-up Blocker". Press Apply to save this and then select Remote Control again.

Security precautions: 
1.  When you are using the remote control tool, your computer at work will be viewable by anyone that can see it.  We strongly recommend that you turn off your monitor when you leave the office to “hide” the view. 

2. Before you end your remote control session, make sure you click the button in the top left (ctrlalt-del) and “lock” your computer. 


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