Zoom Basic Instructions

*Zoom Cloud recordings have a 6 month retention - then 30 days in trash for recovery

Meeting Security Tips





Use your TWU email address (or legacy account) and password


If you already have the app installed, login using SSO. When prompted for a domain (*blank*.zoom.us), enter TWU in the blank.




Helpful Tips



Q. What’s my username & password?

A. Your username is your twu email address (Firstname.Lastname@twu.ca) and your regular password. If you’re having trouble, please fill out this page, and select Zoom from the Business Application List

Q. How many people can join my meeting at one time? 

A. 300

Q. How can I invite my students/co-workers to Zoom?

A. The only essential item your students/guests need is your personal Meeting ID (which you can learn about here). As long as they have that info, they can go to www.zoom.us and join your meeting in progress.

If you want to schedule future meetings through Moodle or email, following the steps on this page and copy/paste the pertinent details into the method of your choice.

Q: Can I get a TWU Zoom Webinar Account? Does TWU IT cover this cost?

A: Zoom Webinar accounts are available through the TWU Zoom account, but can be costly. TWU IT will cover the cost of "Webinar 100" license, but anything greater will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director of IT. Webinar account requests must be requested through the TWIT Service Desk (see link below to contact TWIT).


More Help

Feel free to contact TWIT 

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