Please note that we are updating our support materials to reflect the changes in Moodle 4. Some of the screenshots may be outdated.

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This section contains the basics of using Moodle -- such as information on how to log in & use/set up/filter your dashboard.


This section contains the basics & general questions about courses, such as setting up a new course, setting start & end dates, creating groups, and showing & hiding courses

Grade Book

This section contains all you need to know about how to use your Grade Book in Moodle -- from setup, to creating separate groups, to grading assignments and forums!


This section contains information regarding how to manage users (adding/unenrolling, assigning roles, etc.), create groups, and sending group/mass messages!


This section looks at components of Moodle like adding documents, using assignment dropboxes & Turnitin, and monitoring forums & attendance activity!


This section contains information about the quiz component in Moodle such as how to create and grade quizzes, how to navigate the question pool, and quiz time extensions.

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Moodle 4.0 - Key Features

Moodle 4.0 Key Features including user interface enhancements, edit mode, course navigation and more!